About Solange Strougmayer, Life-Cycle Celebrant®

I’m Solange Strougmayer, Life-Cycle Celebrant®

Based in Lyon, Rhone-Alpes (France), I’m available for your alternative ceremonies in all French speaking countries and ready for bilingual ceremonies French/English, French/German or French/Dutch.

I propose to introduce solemnity, symbolism and rituals in your lives. I tell your own stories with your words and emotion.

It is YOUR ceremony!

With you I co-create the personalized and unique ceremony, which looks like you and reflects your values and beliefs. 

And of course, I’m on your side for WEDDING of persons of any tradition, any ethnic group and of any sex. 

May you be heterosexual or from the LGTB community, whether it is your first marriage or the third, may you combine several families together, multi-cults, several traditions, I shall listen to you and be honored to serve you in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

In the country of Love, a personal, unique, alternative ceremony for you. 

To learn more : www.facebook.com/ceremonies.laiques.

Making the milestones and key moments of your life unforgettable is my purpose!

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